Negroni Talk #12 - 17.06.19.

‘Affordable’ : The Problem With Affordable Housing


In the age of austerity 'affordable housing' is heralded as a basic requirement for new build housing schemes, with any project that doesn't deliver at least a small quota being crucified in the press. But when the term affordable is defined as 80% of market value, and an average house costs £484,716 in London, who can even afford the affordable?

The failings of local councils to provide housing for all Londoners has led to this almost meaningless terminology being thrown only around by developers and estate agents to sell already profitable schemes. With the term 'genuine affordable' hot on its heels and growing as a response, do architects have any power to broker housing that is actually affordable with developers and councils, or is up to the market to decide what is affordable, genuine or no?

Speakers include:

Lara Kinneir, New London Architecture (Chair)
Tarek Merlin, Feix&Merlin
Calum Green, London Community Land Trust
Claire Bennie, Municipal
Patrik Schumacher, Zaha Hadid Architects