Negroni Talk #15 - 09.09.19.

Hot Gossip: Givin’ As Good As Ya Get!


In the information age knowledge is power and architects now seem unwillingly to part with their juicy titbits. Back stories, Chinese whispers and insider information were once regularly traded as part of an intricate network of professional gossip. The act of giving away secrets was generous but architects could often expect information in return but in recent times many practitioners see their peers as competition and architectural opinion seems sanitised as a result. Is this a failing of our times, where gossip can no longer be seen as a catalyst to new ideas, new debates, new worlds?

If you’re not part of the in-crowd there’s a good chance you’re missing out on jobs and opportunities because of the fear of nasty rumours and misinformation leaving an indelible mark. So, should architecture bring back the outrage and the Machiavellian intrigue to rumble things up and make our designs and propositions more cutting, more interesting, more fun? The truth? You can’t handle the truth!