Negroni Talk #4 – 25th June 2018

What will Brexit actually look like ?

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The UK is leaving the EU and it seems that some politicians believe in the same kind of economic and cultural self-sufficiency as proposed by the 1930s Italian concept of Autarchia. The truth of the matter is that London’s built environment is about to transform and no one knows what it’s going to end up looking like. The current demographic of European property owners, contractors and architects are likely to change in ways we don’t yet understand. Will it end in disaster or are there massive opportunities to improve the status quo? Trade and investment drive business, and architects have proven that they are endlessly resourceful and can adapt to suit their environment. How can we make the best of unexpected circumstances and what are the moral implications? What will a post-Brexit London look like?

Speakers include:

Chair: Paul Finch
Emilia Terrangi
Vicky Richardson
Lee Mallett
Friedrich Ludewig