Virginia Mews

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Hidden from the street, Virginia Mews is a small, concealed, communal courtyard surrounded by residential terraces from which 2 semi-detached 2 storey residential properties comprising 1 and 2 Virginia Mews are accessed.

Initially fourth_space were approached by two couples to undertake a joint refurbishment project that sought to improve the internal layouts of their adjoining properties. Firstly, this was achieved by infilling existing ground floor areas of walled courtyard space and areas of flat roof at first floor level. Secondly, the most visible aspect of the proposed changes was as a result of improving the low ceiling heights at first floor level. Replacing the existing poor quality roof construction with a new zinc clad sculptural timber roof element, resulted in both increased volume/height and improved light levels internally. With the retained brick walls and sash windows of the existing building being retained the new roof element offered a strong design contrast, whilst being sensitive to rights of light issues and its visual impact on the surroundings.

Due to the physical site constraints and sensitivities around the close proximity of neighbours,  the proposed extension was to be constructed off-site using prefabricated timber frame components, in order to minimise noise and disruption and make time efficiencies during construction.

Exploded floor plans.

Exploded floor plans.

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